Victoria Shaw

Victoria Shaw was a beautiful actress who graced U.S. films between the mid 1950’s and the mid 1960’s.   She was born in 1935 in Sydney, Australia.   She was starting a career as a model when Bob Hope suggested that she travel to Hollywood and attempt a movie career.   Her first film was the big box office success “The Eddy DuchinStory” with Tyrone Power and Kim Novak.   I think she stole the film from the nominal stars.   She went on to make “Edge of Eternity”, “Because Their Young” and “I Aim at the Stars” and the cult “The Crimson Kimono”  amongst others.   She seemed to put her career on hold after her marriage to actor Roger Moore.   After their divorce she returned to film making in “Alverez Kelly” with Richard Widmark and William Holden.   She guest starred in many television series.   She returned to live in Sydney where she died in 1988 at the age of 53.   Her films are in definite need for reappraisal.   “Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen” page on Victoria Shaw

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