Geoffrey Burridge

Geoffrey Burridge

Geoffrey Burridge (4 December 1948 – 30 September 1987) was an English actor noted for his performances in theatre and television.

On television, he appeared as Mark Proctor in early episodes of Emmerdale Farm and is also remembered for his guest appearance in Blake’s 7 (as Dorian in the episode “Rescue”).

He also appeared as the undead murdered man with his fiancée in the sex cinema scene, when they give advice to David on how to commit suicide before the next full moon in John Landis‘s 1980 film, An American Werewolf in London. He also appeared in the 1978 BBC tv drama by Derek Lister, ‘the Ice house’ as one of the main characters ‘Clovis’.

His extensive theatre credits included many musicals, notably the 1972 West End revue, Cowardy Custard, the 1978 production of Beyond the Rainbow in the West End and the 1985 revival of Gigi.

He died in London from an AIDS-related illness in 1987, leaving a partner, the actor Alec McCowen, who refused to appear on This Is Your Life (British TV series) unless the relationship was acknowledged.

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