Desmond Tester

Desmond Tester

Desmond Tester (Wikipedia)

Desmond Tester was born in 1919 and was an English film and television actor, host and executive. He was born in London, England, and started his career as child actor, among his most notable roles, was that of the ill-fated boy Stevie in the  Alfred Hitchcock film Sabotage (1936).

Tester made his first stage appearance at the age of 12, in The Merry Wives of Windsor, receiving positive reviews from London . He was known more as a child actor in film in his native Britain. Tester’s characters often met with doomed fates, in such early films as Carol Reed‘s Midshipman Easy (1935), Tudor Rose (1936), Robert Stevenson‘s Non-Stop New York (1937), The Stars Look Down (1939) and Sabotage. He also appeared in The Drum (1938).

After the Second World War, he moved to Australia and embarked in careers in radio, theatre, and television. As television broadcasting began in Australia, Tester soon found work with Channel Nine‘s What’s My Line? and in a variety of children’s programmes including Cabbage Quiz and Kaper Kops with Reg Gorman and Rod Hull. He spent fifteen years at Channel Nine, taking charge of children’s programming, and became more involved behind the scenes in production and publicity. He later moved to Reg Grundy Productions, eventually leaving the industry entirely due to a dislike of the overall management culture.

In 1974 he revived his stage acting career on the advice of Hayes Gordon and appeared in numerous productions including productions by playwrights Arthur Miller and John Ewing. He also had occasional minor roles in various films, such as Barry McKenzie Holds His Own(1974) and The Wild Duck (1983).

Tester was married to Evelyn Stuart and had five children – Jolyon (deceased), Dermot, Giles, Toby and Simon and five grandchildren – Sally, Daisy, Sam, Georgia, and the talented Max. The last 29 years of his life was spent in leafy Lindfield on Sydney’s North Shore with his partner Valerie Jones. Desmond Tester, died on 31 December 2002, in SydneyNew South Wales at the age of 83.

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