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Tilly Losch

Tilly Losch

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 Tilly Losch was an established dancer and actress, she was titled the ‘Countess of Carnarvon.’ Danced in many children’s parts in all repertory ballets and Operas. She studied her dancing at the Vienna Imperial Opera ballet school at the age of six. Tilly became a full member of the ballet corps at the unusually young age of fifteen. She also studied modern dance with Grete Wiesenthal and Mary Wigman.

     Tilly made her professional debut in Vienna Waltzes and her first dramatic role was in ‘Leonce and Lena’ at Vienna’s Burg theater. Her first solo appearance was at the Opern Theatre in Vienna in the 5/9/1924 ballet ‘Schlagobers,’ and by the time she was twenty was one of Vienna’s most popular dancers. Made her London debut with ‘This Year of Grace’ in 1928.

     Losch stayed with the Vienna Opera untill she came to the U.S. (1927/1928) and gave various dance recitals in Central Europe. She met Harold Kreutzberg that same summer and would work for him many times. Later she meet George Ballanchine and danced as a Ballerina in his 1933 Balle.

. Also danced with Fred Astaire but she was never the exhibitionist, she was always shy, on-stage and off. Tilly’s first marriage ended in divorce due to numerous infidelities on her part.

     Following a bout of depression, Tilly discontinued her dancing career, but soon felt the need for expression in another artistic medium. Having first tried her hand at watercolors, she began to paint seriously. The first one-person exhibition of her paintings, held at New York’s Bignou Gallery in the spring of 1944. Tilly’s second marriage was to the son of the world famous discoverer of King Tutankhamen’s tomb, Earl of Carnarvon and almost overnight became Lady Carnarvon, an English Countess.

  While in New York in 1975 She died from cancer.

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