Chesney Hawkes

Chesney Hawkes

Chesney Hawkes

Chesney Hawkes was born in 1971 in Windsor.   His father Leonard was in the 60’s pop group The Tremeloes.   In 1991 he had a huge hit with the song “My One and Only”.   He starred in “Buddy’s Song” and “Prince Valiant”.

IMDB entry:

Chesney Hawkes born September 22, 1971 in Windsor, Berkshire, England Is the son of Len (Chip) Hawkes, the singer of The Tremeloes (known for their hit “Silence Is Golden”) and Carol Hawkes, who was a TV hostess and actress in the UK.

It was in early 1991 when Chesney, then 19, won the lead role in the film Buddy’s Song(1991) (also starring Roger Daltrey of The Who), and signed to sing the sound track but suddenly found himself one of the first teenagers in pop history ever to bag the Number One spot with a debut release. “The One And Only” stayed at the top for five weeks, going on to become one of the undisputed global teen anthems of 1991 as it crashed Top 10s world-wide, including the notoriously difficult markets of Japan and America. The song was also featured over the titles of the Michael J. Fox movie Doc Hollywood (1991).

Chesney and his band (featuring his brother Jodie on drums) rounded off 1991 with a sell-out tour, playing everything from small clubs to 10,000 seaters the length and breadth of Europe. Both fans and critics alike voted Chesney’s live show a spectacular success, with special honours going to the much remembered last night show at London’s Hammersmith Odeon. This triumphant concert was to signify the symbolic end of that particular stage of Chesney’s career. Chesney had out-grown the confines of teen idol-dom and was eagerly looking forward to the challenge of establishing himself as a song writer in his own right.

So after gaining more valuable live experience supporting Huey Lewis and Bryan Adams in Europe, Chesney removed himself from the glare of the public eye and spent time in his studio writing and rehearsing for his next album. The hard work paid off and the album “Get The Picture” was as spirited, diverse and uncompromising as anything delivered by self-styled street credible types in recent years.

For the next few years and no longer signed to his original record label, Chesney decided that, rather than respond to numerous offerings of pantomime, store openings and West End roles which, although lucrative, would have taken him away from the music, it was time for him to pay his musical dues, albeit in reverse given that he had a No. 1 record behind him. He formed a new band, “ebb”, and spent 1997 living and working in New York from which base he played a series of East and West coast gigs to great critical acclaim, always continuing to write and demo new material.

Since this time Chesney has worked with numerous talented writers and producers, amongst them Mark Goldenberg who co-wrote The Eel’s “Novocain For The Soul”, Adam Schlesinger of Fountains Of Wayne, Jesse Vellenswealla of The Gin Blossoms, and Counting Crows producer Marvin Etzioni. Other collaborators include Howard Jones, the Police’s Stuart Copland, Nik Kershaw & Bijou Phillips.

English band “Hepburn”, covered “Next Life”, which Chesney co-wrote with Phil Thornally. (Phil co-wrote “Torn”, a hit for Natalie Imbruglia). Caprice charted in March 2001 with “Once Around The Sun” which Chesney co-wrote with Eric Pressley and he has also collaborated with Tricky on his “Mission Accomplished” EP. Another of Chesney’s songs, “Almost You”, was in the film Jawbreaker (1999) starring Rose McGowen and Marilyn Mansun and “Missing You Already” was in the film The Night We Never Met (1993), starring Matthew Broderick.

During the latter half of 2000, and the beginning of 2001, Chesney has been recording a batch of new songs in London and in Los Angeles with producer Charlton Pettus. A number of tracks have been mixed by Neil Dorfsman who has worked with Sting, Dire Straits and Paul McCartney. A single, “Stay Away Baby Jane”, from these sessions was scheduled for release in summer 2001. The video has been filmed in LA with director Rory Rooney.

During April, Chesney has been performing at student venues (Nottingham, Leeds, Lincoln, Hull, Middlesbrough). Such has been the overwhelming response that the, initially mini, tour has now been extended to take in dates throughout May and early June. The teen audience that discovered him in 1991 has now grown up and are, now in their early twenties, thrilled to see Chesney back and performing at the height of his ability.

Chesney has combined touring with appearing on ‘Top Ten Teen Idols’ (Channel 4), Banzai (Channel 4) and ‘Question of Pop’ (BBC1). Interviews in The Sunday Express and The Telegraph have centred on his writing and the tour, and his current media profile (the above plus Heat, Loaded, ILR interviews and sharing a Sunday Express {not the above} centre spread with The Beatles and The Spice Girls) is being watched by the media itself with Ally Ross recently (July) congratulating Chesney on his ubiquity in his News of The World column.

At present, Chesney is working on his new album. He now lives in West London with wife Kristina and his son, Casey George Hawkes who was born on August 29, 2001.

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