Delphi Lawrence

Delphi Lawrence

Delphi Lawrence was born in 1926 in Herfordshire.   She made many films in England during the 1950’s including  “The Feminine Touch” with Belinda Lee in 1956, “Just My Luck” with Norman Wisdom and “Son of Robin Hood”.   In the 1960’s she went to Hollywood and made such movies as “The Last Challenge” with Glenn Ford and Angie Dickinson in 1967.   She died in New York in 2002.

IMDB entry:

Delphi Lawrence was born on March 23, 1932 in Hertfordshire, England. She was an actress, known for Bunny Lake Is Missing (1965), Murder on Approval (1955) and Element of Doubt (1961). She died on April 11, 2002 in Northport, Long Island, New York, US   In the film Wild for Kicks (1960), despite having several lines of dialogue and performing a task crucial to the plot, both her name and that of her character, Greta, are missing from the film’s closing credits!   She was nominated for a 1974 Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Actress in a Principal Role for her performance in “Separate Tables”, at the Ivanhoe Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.   Anglo-Hungarian leading lady of British B-films in the 1950’s and 60’s. Initially trained as a concert pianist.

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