Don Burnett

Don Burnett
Don Burnett

Don Burnett was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1929.His film career was based in the U.S.   His movie debut was in 1955 in “Hell’s Horizon”.   His other film credits include”Gaby”, “Untamed Youth”, “Tea and Sympathy” and “Jailhouse Rock”.   He was married for a time to the lovely actress Gia Scala.   Since 1971 he has been married to actress Barbara Anderson of “Ironside” fame.

IMDB entry:

Delivered the eulogy at the 1989 memorial service for his friend and Damon and Pythias(1962) (aka “Damon and Pythias”) co-star, Guy Williams.   Married actress Gia Scala (whom he met while filming Don’t Go Near the Water (1957)) in 1957. They divorced in 1970. In 1971, he married actress Barbara Anderson who played the blonde cop on TV’s Ironside (1967) series.   After his ex-wife Gia Scala committed suicide with a drug overdose in 1972, he attended the funeral with his parents but left quickly before being spotted by photographers.   Later became a successful stockbroker.   Appeared in Italian pictures. He starred as the legendary hero in Il trionfo di Robin Hood(1962) [The Triumph of Robin Hood] and later co-starred with actor and good friend Guy Williams in Damon and Pythias (1962) [Damon and Pythias] as Pythias. His actress/wife Gia was originally set for a co-starring role in the film but was replaced.
After several separations and reconciliations, he broke up with actress wife Gia Scala on grounds of incompatibility and divorced her in September of 1970.


  • SHERRY Bradley

    He was born in Los Angeles, not Scotland. Nov 4 1930

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