His website.   Fabian was one of the Philadelphia singers who burst  onto the scene in the late 50’s and went to Hollywood to make movies.   Frankie Avalon was the other.   Fabian was born 1943.   His real name is Fabio Forte and his father was a policeman.   In the late 50’s he had a string of hits and won a contract with 20th Century Fox.   His first film was “Hound Dog Man” in 1959 directed by Don Siegal.   He went on to make “North to Alaska” where he cast improbably as the brother of the much older and very British Stewart Granger.   John Wayne and Capucine also starred in this highly entertaing movie.   Fabian went on to make “The Longest Day”, “Ride the Wild Surf” with Tab Hunter and in 1965 “Dear Brigitte” with James Stewart and Glynis Johns.   He began then to concentrate on television but in 1970 was in a very good gangster movie “A Bullet for Pretty Boy” with Jocelyn Lane.   Fabian still preforms in concert in the U.S.

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