Philippe Perrottet

Philippe Perrottet

Philippe Perrottet


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    Philippe Louis Gaston Perrottet was born on 29 November 1921 in Kew, Victoria, Australia to Muriel Mary Addey Wilson, age 29, and George David Perrottet, age 31.
    His sister Estelle Frances Beatrice was born on 3 July 1924 in Melbourne, Victoria, when Philippe Louis Gaston was 2 years old.
    Estelle Frances Beatrice Perrottet (Winkler)

    3 SEP 1939 AGE 17
    Serving in the Australian Military during World War II
    Philippe Louis Gaston Perrottet served in the Australian military during World War II. Name: Philippe Louis Gaston Perrottet, Birth Date 29/11/192, Birth Place Kew Victoria, Year range 1939 – 1948, Enlistment Place Melbourne, Service Number 53434 Next of Kin Patricia Perrottet, Series Description A9301: RAAF, NCOs and Other Ranks

    8 FEB 1941 AGE 20 Marriage
    Philippe Louis Gaston Perrottet married Patricia Elizabeth Dowie in Victoria in 1941 when he was 20 years old.
    Patricia Elizabeth Dowie

    Philippe was a Ballet Dancer dancing with the Australian Ballet Society partnering Rachel Carson.
    Mr Philippe Perrottet, an ex-
    perienced dancer who has
    studied with such notable
    ballet masters as Anton Dolin,
    Edvard Borovansky, and
    Thadee Slavinsky, and per-
    formed with Colonel de Basil’s
    Russian Ballet while it was in
    Australia. Four years’ service
    in the RAAF during the war
    kept bim off the boards, but on
    his discharge from the Air
    Force he welcomed the oppor-
    tunity to join the new company,
    for which he dances, instructs,
    devises ballets, and even, de-
    signs decors and costumes.
    Music, decor and dance – were
    blended well when the Australian
    Ballet , Society- opened its short
    season last night in the ‘ Union
    Theatre. , ‘
    A new Australian ballet, The
    Three Lemons, was the most
    outstanding/ The music for the
    ballet was written by John Tal-
    lis, choreography, by ‘ Philippe
    Perrottet; .and decor: by Walter
    Beaumont; –
    Philippe Perrottet pleased witli
    his skilled /and “sympathetic per
    formance. Rachel Cameron, as
    sistant ballet producer and lead
    ing ballerina, was also outstand
    ing. ‘Anne Palmer danced with
    grace and assurance, and excelled
    in ‘ her Interpretation of Spring
    in the Three Lemons. Other mem
    bers -of the ballet included Rob
    ert Harvey, Helen George and
    Vera ‘ Windas.”

    Port of Departure: Sydney, Australia Arrival Date: 26 Apr 1947 Port of Arrival: Southampton, England Ports of Voyage: Sydney; Melbourne; Fremantle; Bombay and Port Said Official Number 148146 Ship Name: Asturias Shipping Line: Roy

    26 Apr 1947 • Southampton, England, AGE 25

    13 NOV 1949 • 4 Harrington Gardens, Kensington, England
    13 NOV

    13 Nov 1951 • Southampton, England

    His mother Muriel Mary passed away on 6 March 1969 in Maroochydore, Queensland, at the age of 76.
    Muriel Mary Addey Wilson AKA Lazarus
    Death of Father
    His father George David passed away on 24 August 1971 in Waratah, New South Wales at the age of 81.
    George David Perrottet

    Philippe Louis Gaston Perrottet died on 6 November 1982 in Roma, Roma, Italy, when he was 60 years old.

    Probate 18 Mar 1983 • London
    Address: Flat 1 Mali Court, 20A Paddington Street, London W1, UK

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