Oliver MacGreevy

Oliver Macgreevy

Oliver MacGreevy was born in Dublin 1928.   Virtually all of his acting career has been in the U.K.   His first film was THe Scamp” in 1057.   Other credits include “The Leather Boys”, “The Girl with Green Eyes”, “The Ipcress Files” and “Flash Gordon”.   He retired in 1984.   His “Wikipedia” entry can be accessed here.


  • Patrick Browne

    I knew Oliver in London before he lost his hair. A year or two later I ran into him in a pub and he told me he had lost all his hair through tension or something and now he was getting lots of film parts. I wonder if his hair came back and he had to then start shaving it?

    • Liam

      Oliver was a great actor and enjoyed his films. Hope he is doing well.

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