William Reynolds

William Reynolds

William Reynolds, who portrayed Special Agent Tom Colby for six seasons on the television series The F.B.I., died August 24 from non-Covid pneumonia complications, his son Eric Regnolds confirms. He was 90.

Born William de Clercq Regnolds on December 9, 1931, in Los Angeles, he began his career under contract to Universal Pictures and had credits in Carrie (1952), as Laurence Olivier’s son, and The Son of Ali Baba, where he was Tony Curtis’ best friend. For 20th Century Fox, he portrayed Rommel’s son opposite James Mason in The Desert Fox

Following his military service in Japan during the Korean War, Reynolds co-starred in Cult of the Cobra (1955). In 1959, he starred as trumpeter Pete Kelly in the television series Pete Kelly’s Blues. In 1960-1961, he starred as air charter entrepreneur and adventurer Sandy Wade on the The Islanders, while also appearing as a World War II officer in Rod Serling’s acclaimed Twilight Zoneepisode “The Purple Testament”.

Other film credits include The Battle at Apache PassFrancis Goes to West PointThe Mississippi GamblerGunsmokeThere’s Always TomorrowAway All Boatsand The Land Unknown. Television work included roles in BroncoWagon TrainThe Roaring 20sCheyenneDragnet and Maverick.

After making guest appearances on the first two seasons of The FBI, Reynolds won the big break of his career, taking on the part of stalwart and heroic Agent Colby, opposite Efrem Zimbalist’s Inspector Erskine, for six seasons on the hit ABC series.

Reynolds quit Hollywood after his role on The F.B.I. and became a businessman. He was married for 42 years to actress Molly Sinclair, until her passing in 1992. The couple had two children, Carrie Regnolds Jones (Brian Jones) and Eric Regnolds (Nikki Camello), two grandchildren, Anthony Regnolds Jones and Nicholas Camello Regnolds, and one great grandchild, Gianni Camello Regnolds

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