Gary Conway

Gary Conway

Gary Conway (Wikipedia)

Gary Conway was born in 1936 and is an American actor and screenwriter. His notable credits include a co-starring role with Gene Barry in the detective series, Burke’s Law, from 1963–1965. In addition, he starred in the Irwin Allen sci-fi series Land of the Giants from 1968–1970.

Conway’s early film credits include the cult horror films I Was a Teenage Frankenstein(1957) as the monster, and How to Make a Monster (1958). In 1958, he was cast in the “Man Hunt” episode of the western aviation television seriesSky King, with Kirby GrantRichard Beymer and Gloria Winters.

In 1960, Conway appeared as Lt. Charles Williams in the episode “Absent Without Leave” of the ABC/Warner Brothers western series, Colt .45, starring Wayde PrestonTyler McVeywas in the guest cast as Col. Ben Williams, and Steve Brodie also appeared in the episode.  He also appeared in 1960 in three episodes under the names of different characters on the ABC/WB crime drama, Bourbon Street Beat, starring Andrew Duggan. In 1966 Conway made an unsuccessful television pilot Assault!, made by the producers of Combat! about the US Marine Corps in the Pacific in 1942.

Gary also starred in the tv series Land of the Giants from 1967-1969 as Captain Steve Burton. 

Conway starred with Bette Davis in the 1972 television movie The Judge and Jake Wyler. In 1973, Conway was featured in Playgirl magazine’s August issue. He also guest-starred as the murder victim in the 1973 Columbo episode “Any Old Port in a Storm”.

His other film credits include Young Guns of Texas (1962), Black Gunn (1972), The Farmer(1977),[9] Once Is Not Enough (1975), American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987) and Liberty & Bash (1989). He also starred in Woman’s Story (2000), which he also wrote and directed.

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