Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly
Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly was born in 1927 in Astoria, Queens, New York.   His sister was the actress Nancy Kelly.   He was featured in the science-fiction classic “Forbidden Planet” in 1956.   In 1957 he starred with James Garner in the very popular TV series “Maverick” which ran until 1962.   Kelly stayed with the series for the duration.   His films innclude “Commandos” with Lee Van Cleef in 1968 and “Young Billy Young” in 1969 with Robert Mitchum and Angie Dickinson.   In his later years he entered politics.   He died in 1992 at the age of 65.

IMDB entry:

Jack Kelly started acting at age two, modeling in soap ads and garnering a lifetime supply of soap for his pay. Jack continued to model until the age of nine when he appeared in his first play with Hope Emerson called “Swing Your Lady”. Broadway shows and radio followed until his family moved to California in 1938. He attended St. John’s Military Academy and spent two years as a law student at the University of California in Los Angeles. For three years Jack dropped acting to concentrate on school and making money. He worked as a shoe salesman, gas station attendant, lifeguard, grocery delivery boy, and mens clothing salesman. In 1945, Jack was inducted into the army taking basic train at Camp Roberts in California. He was sent to Alaska as a weather observer and was on the first B-29 to fly over the Arctic circle. After his discharge in 1946, Jack returned to UCLA and worked nights on various radio programs including, “Lux Radio theater”, “Suspense”, “Tell It Again”, and “Romance of the Ranchos”. Upon leaving school he joined the circle Theater in Los Angeles appearing in “Time of Your Life”, “The Adding Machine”, and “Love On The Dole”. In 1949 he acted in “Anna Lucasta” at the coronet Theater. This performance brought Jack to the attention of several Hollywood directors. He then made his film debut in “Fighting Man Of The Plains” starring Randolph Scott. In 1955, Jack was signed by Warner Bros. to star as Dr. Parris Mitchell in the “King’s Row” series of “Warner Bros. Presents.” The show debuted in September, 1955. He had served an acting apprenticeship that included movies, television, radio, and stage. His hobbies include ship models, reading historical literature, sculpturing, and listening to show tunes records. He also enjoyed such sports as sailing, badminton, skin diving, golf, horseback riding and flying.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: Bill Hafker thehuntzie@yahoo.com

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