Dan Dailey

Dan Dailey
Dan Dailey

Dan Dailey was born in 1915 in New York City.   His sister was the actress Irene Dailey.  He made his movie debit as a Nazi in the MGM drama “The Mortal Storm”.   After World War Two,he became famous for his many musicals with 20th Century Fox, many of them opposite Betty Grable.   He also starred in “Theres No Business Like Show Business” in 1954 with Marilyn Monroe, Ethel Merman and Mitzi Gaynor.   On television he had his own show in the 1970’s “The Govenor and JJ”.   He died in 1978.

IMDB entry:

A child performer, by the early 1950s Dan Dailey’s life was under considerable strain. In 1951 he checked himself into the Menninger Clinic for five months and, after his return to Hollywood presented his experiences there frankly to Hedda Hopper and other reporters, pointing out that the necessity of this break from his hectic show business career was prompted by his “cracking up” over a period of time. During this period of excessive strain, he was performing in the serio-comic “I Can Get It For You Wholesale” at 20th Century Fox. Director Michael Gordon, in an interview with film scholar Ronald Davis in “Just Making Movies” said that he had found him “enormously gratifying” to work with and was later surprised to learn that Dailey later admitted that “he didn’t even remember doing some of the scenes…Yet he worked hard on the picture and gave a fine dramatic performance.”

The performer later explained that “Work, any amount of it,even too much work is all right if the rest of your life O.K. But when work is the only thing you have, when you bury yourself in it 24 hours a day — well, that’s dangerous.” The actor-dancer’s unusual candor in Hollywood may have made it easier for him to continue his career, which ended in 1978 after his unexpected death following a hip replacement. Unfortunately, psychological problems may have contributed to the suicide in 1975 of his only child Dan Dailey, Jr.

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