Akim Tamiroff

Akim Tamiroff & Leonid Kinskey

Akim Tamiroff & Leonid Kinskey

Akim Tamiroff Akim Tamiroff uniFrance Films


The great character actor was born in Georgia, Russia in 1899.   He came to the United States in 1923.   His film debut came in 1932 in “Okay, America”.   He developed a solid reputation as a supporting player and was featured in such movies as “The Lives of a Benal Lancer” in 1935, “For Whom the Bell Tolls” in 1943 and “The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek” amongst several others.   He died in 1972.   He was married to the actress Tamara Shayne.

TCM overview:

Flamboyant, husky character actor in the US from 1923, who acted with the New York Theatre Guild before entering films. Ubiquitous in Paramount productions of the late 1930s, he usually played eccentric Slavic types, though he had a rare leading role in “The Way of the Flesh” (1940). From the early 1950s Tamiroff appeared in many European productions, with memorably baroque performances in Jean-Luc Godard’s “Alphaville” (1965) and three Orson Welles films. (He also played the title character of Welles’ unfinished “Sancho Panza”.)

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