Louise Jameson

Stephanie Beecham & Louise Jameson
Stephanie Beecham & Louise Jameson

Louis Jameson was born in 1951 in London.   She has starred in four iconic television series in Britain, “Dr Who”, “Tenko”, “Bergerac” and “Eastenders”.

“MailOnline” article from 201

Birthday celebrations: Louise Jameson recently turned 60

I’ve just had the most fabulous summer in Port Isaac filming the new series of Doc Martin. It’s unutterably beautiful. I love walking and those cliff-top paths are so dramatic. My cottage was a stone’s throw from the harbour. No matter how many times I saw it,  it never looked the same twice — often the light would be different, or the tide or boats nearby would be coming in or out.
Many people have recommended going back and visiting in the winter, so I’ve booked the same cottage and I’m going down to do a writer’s retreat for a week to see if I still love it as much. I’m sure I will.

I absolutely love chickpeas and anything to do with them: hummus, chickpea casserole or chickpea curry. I’m a pescatarian — meaning I don’t eat any animals except fish — so they’re a fantastic source of protein and a real staple food. I could live on them and pretty much do — I eat them almost every day. My male friends say the reason why I haven’t got a fella at the moment is because all I eat is hummus and mackerel!

It may sound naff, but I always sleep in a comfy nightie. It’s a really lovely, loose, slightly sexy, pale grey and white floaty one from M&S. I sink into that at night and I just think: ‘Oh yeah, I’m so  cosy now’. It’s not just a sack though, it’s a bit figure-hugging. I often wear it when I am at home, too!

I’ve just celebrated my 60th birthday — I had two birthday parties to celebrate, so I felt like the Queen. My brother organised a surprise dinner at Quaglino’s in London, and my son Harry, who was working in Egypt at the time, flew over especially. I wasn’t expecting him so that was lovely. And he bought me a pair of silver and sapphire earrings, which I absolutely adore. Then The Beacon, my local pub in Tunbridge Wells, gave me the ground floor for a big party and about 120 friends came down with their guitars and keyboards and we had a wonderful day singing, eating and drinking Pimms!

There have been so many people I’ve been inspired by, but mainly the obvious actors such as Vanessa Redgrave, Judi Dench and David Warner. They’re all the people I saw in my childhood at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Of course, they’re only ten years older than me really, and not even another generation, but that’s the kind of era of work that I really admire.

Love And Affection by Joan Armatrading is like a best friend to me. It’s seen me through break-ups, births, parents passing away and children being horrible teenagers. She sang this song at a time when she was recording in her own garage and the saxophone riff in the middle opened up a whole new area of music for me. One of my boys texted me the other day to say it’s on their iPod, because they remember dancing to it with me. It’s one of their first memories. I go and see her in concert whenever I can. I’m a huge admirer of her work.

Favourite things: Louise loves hummus, her Birkenstock shoes and Joan Armatrading’s music

I’ve just started using Tresemme hair conditioner — not the one in the bottle, the stuff in the big jar.
My mane gets a bit dried out with all the colouring, so I went in to my lovely hairdresser with it looking like straw and came out with it looking rather luscious because he’d used this conditioner on it.

Starring in the TV drama Tenko during the early Eighties changed my life. It was written by women, for women, about women who actually existed — it was the crest of that feminist wave. I had both my boys during that era. The cast became really close and there’s a group of ten of us that still meet up regularly. We have a dinner coming up this month and if any one of us has a crisis or a first night, we’re there. We did become another family.

I love Chablis! I went to a friend’s 75th party recently and, when they asked what I wanted to drink, they didn’t have anything I liked. So I ended up having a cup of tea and her daughter was shocked and asked: ‘What’s up with you?’ When I told her I only drink Chablis she said: ‘You’re such a diva!’

It’s not very glamorous but I live in my Birkenstocks. I have three pairs of Birkenstocks and I wear them all the time, for every occasion. I have a glittery pair, a white pair and a brown pair

I have an outrageous dog called Marley who’s named after Bob Marley. He’s a rescue dog and I think he’s a Staffie-Collie mix who was trained as a fighter, because he’s been really difficult to socialise.
But I have a brilliant dog walker who’s finally done it — we’re talking eight years down the line. He’s great with humans, just not other dogs. Although he’s been troublesome, I love him to bits.

I only performed once at the National Theatre, doing Death Of A Salesman with Alan Armstrong, but I’d love to go back there and work again. I love its whole ethos. It’s one of the few theatres that’s still subsidised and is doing fantastic things for young people. I can see how people might think the National Theatre is a bit posh, but no one should be frightened of exploring what it has to offer.

See Louise in Doc Martin at 9pm on ITV1

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