Amira Casar

Amira Casar
Amira Casar

Amira Casar holds both Irish and French citizenship.   She was born in London, grew up in Ireland at at sixteen moved to France with her parents.   She worked as a model before studying acting.   Her films include “Why Not Me” in 1999, “Transylvania” and “An Old Mistress”.

IMDB entry:

She worked as a model for Chanel and the fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.
Born in England and subsequently raised in England, Ireland and France, Amira Casar, studied drama at the Conservatoire National d’Art Dramatique de Paris.
Member of the jury at the Angers First Film Festival in 2006.
Daughter of Kurdish father and a Russian opera singer.
Activities : fencing, horse-riding includes side saddle and jumping, swimming, water skiing, snow skiing, motorbike riding, martial arts, athletics.
She collaborated with the artist Sophie Calle for her Venice Biennale Installation “Prenez soin de vous”.
She played the lead role in Eleonore Faucher’s film “Gamines” in 2009. For her portrayal as Dora Maar, the surrealist artist and Picasso’s muse in “La Femme qui Pleure au Chapeau Rouge”, she won the best actress award at La Rochelle Television Film Festival.
She is fluent in both English and French, has worked in German, Italian and Spanish.
he above IMDB entry can also be accessed online here.

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