Noelle Adam

Noelle Adam
Noelle Adam

Noelle Adam was born in 1933 in La Rochelle, France.   She made her film debut in 1957 and then made “Beat Girl” in the UK in 1960.   In the U.S. she guest starred in “The Trials of O’Brien” in 1965.   She was picked by Richard Rodgers to star in the Broadway musicak “No Strings”.

IMDB entry:

Noëlle Adam was born on December 24, 1933 in La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France. She is an actress, known for L’homme orchestre (1970), Wild for Kicks (1960) and Neither Seen Nor Recognized (1958).

Once wed to actor Sydney Chaplin and much later became the longtime partner of actor/singer Serge Reggiani. Together for almost 20 years, they married in 2003, a year before his death.
A former ballerina, she has been dancing since age 8.
In 1962, Noelle was appearing in “No Strings” at the same time her then-husband was appearing just down the street in “Subways Are for Sleeping.”.
Cast as Jeannette, a photographer’s assistant, in the musical “No Strings,” Richard Rodgers actually had the part largely rewritten once he had seen Noelle. She had never sung before so he had her take singing lessons.
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