Elizabeth Shepherd

Elizabeth Sheperd
Elizabeth Sheperd

Elizabeth Shepherd was born in London in 1936.   She made her television debut on British television in 1959 in an episode of “Saturday Playhouse”.   “The Queen’s Guards” in 1961 was her film debut.   In 1964 she made the Hammer horror movie “The Tomb of Ligeia”.   In 1978 she went to the U.S. and made amongst others “Damien: Omen 2”.   She recently guest starred on an epsiode of “Law & Order”.

IMDB Entry:

She was originally cast for the role of Mrs. Peel in The Avengers (1961) and they even recorded some material, but those scenes were shot again with Diana Rigg.
In 2006 she became a victim of identity theft and mortgage fraud, after subletting her home for five months. The renters created a false Elizabeth Shepherd, who sold the home to another member of the group (using a false name), who in turn put a $250,000 mortgage on the property, took the cash, defaulted, disappeared, and left the real Elizabeth Shepherd on the hook. Shepherd went public with her story in the hopes of warning other people to be careful when renting out their homes.
Starring in the world premiere, Off-Broadway production of “December Fools” at the Abington Theatre Company, New York City. [February 2006]
Recently completed playing the role of Flora Humble in ‘Humble Boy’ at Theatre Calgary. [May 2005]

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