Walter Slezak

Walter Slezak

Walter Slezak was born in Vienna in 1902.   His father was a famous opera singer Leo Slezak.   He acted as a leading man in German silent films.   He made his Broadway debut in 1941.   The following year he made his first Hollywood film “Once Upon A Honeymoon” with Ginger Rogers and Cary Grant.   Amonh his other films are “Sinbard the Sailor”, “The Princess and the Pirate” and “Come September”.   He died in 1983.

TCM Overview:

Romantic lead and then (due to his increasing weight) character player, discovered by Michael Curtiz in Hungary in 1922. Slezak began appearing in German films that year and moved to the US, initially as a stage actor, in 1930. His screen roles were often as heavies, notably in “This Land is Mine” (1943) and “Lifeboat” (1944). Like his father, Leo Slezak (1873-1946), he was also a gifted opera singer. Daughter Erika Slezak has appeared on daytime soaps.

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